Initial Seeds

Set of areas that guide our reveries?

  1. The history of hypertext, rss+adjacent protocols and standards.
  2. The act of publishing as β€œmaking something public” β†’ publicness β†’ hybrid public space.
  3. The possibilities for the infrastructural (maintenance/repair) to draw from the past to rethink the present through co-operative approaches.
  • Publish from RSS to arena?
  • RSS to twitter? The gram?
  • Use DPress to get it on SSB?

What if… we travel back in time and blow up BGP? Would Xanadu be realized? Would actual plural internetworking have persisted?

Publishing β†’ making things public

Economy as a form a expression

Antagonizing the separation of frontend/backend

Here are all the notes in this garden, along with their links, visualized as a graph.