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Infrastructure Studies in context of internet: MEDIATION, PROCESS BUILDING, SYSTEM SUSTAINING, TIME SCALES [Geoffrey C. Bowker, Karen Baker, Florence Miller, and David Ribes. 2010. Toward information infrastructure studies: Ways of knowing in a networked environment. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4020-9789-8_5]

An alternative vision of infrastructure may better take into account the social and organizational dimensions of infrastructure. This vision requires adopting a long term rather than immediate timeframe and thinking about infrastructure not only in terms of human versus technological components but in terms of a set of interrelated social, organizational, and technical components or systems (whether the data will be shared, systems interoperable, standards proprietary, or maintenance and redesign factored in)… a major shift in thinking. It involves changing common views and metaphors on infrastructure: from transparency to visibility, from substrate to substance, from short term to long term

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